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A Great Little Car Boot

Posted on April 28, 2014 by Admin

Following on from sharing our 15/15 challenge with our wonderful social friends, we thought we'd keep you updated on our events. We've thought of it all to raise money for our two wonderful charities- The Little Princess Trust and The Ruimveldt Children's Aid Centre in Guyana, from sweep-stakes to pancake making, speed-dating and nights out!

Our latest venture, as the title may suggest (only a small hint), was a car-boot sale - and all proceeds are going towards our 15/15 challenge. The morning was full of fun, enthusiastic shoppers, and a lot of bartering for bargains, and the 5am start was well worth it.

5am- rise and shine

Five bleary eyed 'car-booters' rose to a grey morning, as the street lights still lit the roads, and the birds were beginning to sing. After wrapping up warm and facing the brisk morning chill, we met to start the day. Arriving in convoy to the car booting site- Black bridge Hartlebury, we began to unload the cars and set up the stalls.

6am- it wasn't a slow start!

Just as mad as our great little team, we were surrounded by enthusiastic car-booters from the beginning! With the biggest stall of the lot- and all sorts of items to sell, the rain didn't stop us; we started to sell, sell, sell.

8am- here come the crowds

As 8am rolled around and the rain began to lessen, the crowds grew. We sold clothes, jewellery, ornaments and toys, and we wondered how time had flown so quickly by!

9am- we had a few quiet moments

As the crowds began to die down, we had a few minutes to look around. The car-boot was full of interesting goods - after all, one person's trash in another person's treasure! There were clothes and shoes, children's toys and baby items, even exercise and DIY equipment. The car boot saw a range of different people, and even some four pawed friends!

10am- winding down

People began to pack up and drive away, many happy with their car-booting results, but we stayed to make the most of the opportunity. Many shoppers still wondered around, hunting for the last chance bargains. We continued our selling spree, reducing 5 tables down to 2, and made the most of the last minute crowds.

11am- cars packed, deals done

After 5 hours of selling, bartering, and dealing, we packed up what was left and closed up shop. Happy with what we had done, we parted ways and headed for home. Left over items went to charity shops, and our great little team headed home to relax.

The car-boot sale is just one of events raising money for the 15/15 challenge, so keep an eye out for what we have going on over the next few months.

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