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Best Places to Eat in London 2016

Posted on April 25, 2016 by Sabina

May is being recognised as a month of food throughout the UK this year, and as foodie’s here at Great Little Breaks we are sharing our favourite new spots on where to eat in London!

As a nation we not only created afternoon tea to gratify us between the gap of lunch and dinner, but one thing is evident. We are obsessed with food! From bright street food to sizzling Baltis, London is the place where all our culinary desires are greeted with delight! Famed for its gastro pubs and buzzing food festivals throughout the year – London is certainly a foodie’s heaven.

Sophie's Steakhouse

This restaurant is set in the heart of the West End and there are a few rules that we strongly advise you to follow during your visit, never attempt to walk down Oxford Street on a Saturday and never approach Sophie’s Steakhouse with low expectations. Delicious food and the perfect location for visiting the West End.

The Hawksmoor- Spitafields

Voted one of the best places to eat in the UK and reviewed as 'mindblowingly delicious steaks & superb cocktails', we would rather let the food do the talking at this modern yet quirky steakhouse. Soak up your meal with your favourite cocktail off their unique menu, or even dine with wine instead!

Vanilla Black

Here's one for the vegetarians wanting to experience stunning food in London. This contemporary style restaurant is refreshing on the scene this year. Exciting food with a modern twist. When looking for an upmarket treat Vanilla Black is the one!

San Carlo Cicchetti- Piccadilly

Sophisticated yet relaxing, using ingredients one can only dream of, as described by The Observer. The food at this authentic Italian restaurant is mouth watering! This chic scene is just minutes walk away from Piccadilly Theatre.. great for a pre show meal, or even dining after the excitement!


There's fine dining, wine dining, and then there's all things unusual dining. Define weird and wonderful? There's no need, adventure to this timeless restaurant, as possibly one of the weirdest dining settings in London, and certainly an experience not to be forgotten.

Ice Bar

You're as cold as ice, seriously. This bar has no hidden message, it is literally an ice bar! with the walls, bars and tables all made of ice! Enjoy a drink or two in this unusual bar before proceeding to the in demand restaurant to enjoy an evening of tasty food... Don't worry... the food is the one thing that isn't frozen!

Myung Ga Korean Restaurant

Imagine travelling to Korea, to be able to indulge in their most favoured cuisine. To taste their finest dishes. Imagine no further... This Korean restaurant explores the finest tastes having evolved through centuries of social and political change to provide the most delicious dishes.

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