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Best Food On The Go In London 2016

Posted on April 27, 2016 by Sabina

Let’s not deny that our lives grow increasingly hectic, and the biggest thing that tends to suffer is our eating habits! Wouldn’t it be great if we could enjoy a sit down meal three times a day… more often than most, this is not realistic.

Well thank-you very much for ‘food on the go’ – why lower your expectations and settle for food that has been sweating away in cellophane for 6 hours when London has brought only the best street food. Giving us delicious meals, and still allowing us to be on time for our 2 o’clock!

Bleeker St. Burger

Aspiring to be the 'best burger you have ever tasted', and we don't think they are far off. From parties of 10, to a quick bite of deliciousness as you pass by, Bleeker St. is certainly creating a buzz in London this year. Try it for yourself, we know that we certainly will be!

Where to find them: Old Spitalfields Market

Savage Salads

Here's a scenario... You're busy, hungry and reluctant to consume anything unhealthy. Then you visit Savage Salads and your problems are solved. Selling healthy food that makes your mouth water, and your mum proud! These delicious innovative salads taste delicious and keep you full for longer! a big healthy yum!

Where to find them: Berwick Street Market in Soho


When you can’t quite decide whether you fancy Korean food or Mexican food, you get yourself to Kimchinary. Where they have ingeniously combined the two cultures to produce the most delicious Korean Burritos. We've heard they even make the occasional Taco, but don't just take our word for it, try it out yourself!

Where to find them: Kerb Kings Cross

Anna Mae's - Mac N Cheese

'The best festival food of all time' that's a bold statement made by GQ, only made out of honestly, Anna Mae's make the full Southern spread, from mac 'n' cheese to BBQ. They even have their own cook book... Find them serving food out of their 1950's style trailer... it doesn't get much cooler than this.

Where to find them: Kerb - Gerkin

Yum Bun

Sometimes, only a pork bun will do, this is when you need to get yourself down to Yum Bun. Using free range Blythburgh pork (what we like to hear!) and then smothering your delicious bun in hoi sin sauce and extras, these make for yummy meals on the go!

Where to find them: 19 Great Eastern St, London

Jamon Jamon

So Yamon means 'ham' in Spanish.. and yum means we really like the sound of Jamon Jamon. The passion for life and good food is in high spirits in Soho, and this stall is very much at the heart of it all. Traditional and homemade yummy food within minutes! What more could we ask for?

Where to find them: 3 Caxton Walk Soho

From burgers to mac 'n' cheese, where will London's best street food take you? show us your favourite street food by posting your photos on twitter! Don't forget to hashtag -


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