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Kicking Off Gourmet Week

Posted on March 03, 2014 by Admin

It's another great start of another great week here at Great Little Breaks as we kick off March focusing on our gourmet offers! Everyone needs a treat once in a while, and a gourmet dining experience could be right up your street.

'Gourmet' is defined as a cultural ideal associated with the culinary arts of fine food and drink, which is characterised by refined and elaborate presentations of balanced meals and rich courses. Gourmet may also be used to define a class of restaurant, cuisine, or meal of exceptionally high quality, presentation, and sophistication. A little bit of mouthful- in more ways than one!

So how are restaurants awarded such a title? And who judges such a thing? Well, if you ask us, dinning in gourmet restaurants and sampling fine cuisine as a job, sounds like a pretty ideal career path.

These days, many restaurants try to distinguish themselves (and stand out from the crowd) as a gourmet establishment. Many do this by offering high quality products, beautiful presentation, and the best service. But what defines the 'gourmet' from the 'norm'?

What makes something gourmet is a combination of factors; the chef's skill, the server's skill, the produce/ingredients used, the presentation and the general atmosphere of the restaurant. If all of these are outstanding, and above what you call simple 'fine dining', then this restaurant would be classed as gourmet.

There are many awards that restaurants can gain from their outstanding food, one of the most well known awards being Michelin Stars.

First introduced in 1926, Michelin began to review restaurants and award them with a star rating of between zero and three stars. Being awarded a Michelin star is considered to be the most prestigious award in the industry. Other awards include AA Rosettes, National Restaurant Awards, and Nation Chef of the Year Awards.

Judging generally consists of all the senses- taste is not the only sense to consider. Judges will often start with the restaurant itself, assessing the condition/hygiene of the general preparation areas. This then moves onto the professionalism and preparation of courses. Judges will want to see evidence of correct cooking and presentation techniques, as well as correct work skills and organisation. The presentation is also important; judges will take several things into consideration- temperature of the food, quality of the produce, quality of the cooking, and of course, the taste.

A gourmet dining experience is guaranteed to delight the taste buds, and here at Great Little Breaks, we are proud to offer a range of Great Little Gourmet Breaks. To view our fantastic collection of offers, simply follow this link

You?ll be delighted!

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