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Getting Away For Valentine's Day

Posted on February 10, 2014 by Admin

The question always comes up this time every year - what shall we do for Valentine's Day? He suggests staying in with a home cooked meal and a nice DVD, she wants a fancy restaurant and a night filled with fireworks and romance. And, of course, the dream Valentine's Day is a whirlwind of romance in an exotic land. So what do you do? You scroll down a bit.

Here at Great Little Breaks, we have been working hard to put together a list of the most romantic destinations in the world. And believe us when we say, we wish we were there!

Number one on our list (and probably everyone else's!) is the beautiful city of Paris, France. Being one of most well known romantic destinations in the world, Paris has to be on our list. Whether is for Valentine's Day, a honeymoon, or a proposal, Paris has been a lover's hot-spot for hundreds of years. Take in views from the Eifel Tower, kiss by the Seine, and delight your taste buds at Le Jules Verne; Paris is the place you'll never forget.

The Lake District, UK has got to be another one that we love- and a little more accessible to us (we say as we start booking or weekends away). With its famous beauty, peaceful surroundings and miles of tranquil lakes, the Lake District is home away from home. If your idea of Valentine's Day is a small and sleepy hotel, curling up together by the fire, and exploring the beauty of nature, then this is definitely for you.

Another famous one has to be the city of Venice- portrayed in countless movie love scenes; this fascinating place oozes character and romance. Take an intimate gondola ride around the city on the twisting canals, wander through beautiful little Italian streets, and listen to some spectacular opera at La Fenice opera house. Venice is one perfect destination for a Valentine's getaway.

It's not exactly specific, but any Greek Island will do! Whether is Mykonos or Corfu, Paros or Kos, you'll fall in love all over again. With their Mediterranean warmth and sapphire blue waters you'll never want to leave!

Rio de Janeiro may seem a little far off, but you shouldn't cross it off! With its steamy tropical environment, spectacular views, and exciting nightlife, Rio will get your senses tingling. Grab a drink at the Copacabana Hotel, take a stroll along Recreio beach, and take a boat trip around the coat; whether you're hitting the tourist destinations or not, you'll love it here (wishing we weren't in England right now).

New York City might now seem like an obvious one but with the right person in the right places, it's ideal. The 'city that never sleeps' is known for its exciting and diverse culture, so soak it up and enjoy! Stroll along the Brooklyn Bridge, jump into the exciting nightlife, and lie under the stars after a Central Park stroll - there's no where quite like New York City.

Bali, again not very specific, but we guarantee you'll be delighted. It's an island of rolling hills, cloud topped volcanoes, world-class beach resorts, and green-rice fields. If you ever get an opportunity to go, take it and don't look back!

London, UK, hooray for us, it's just down the motorway! London, much like New York, is a city full of buzzing excitement and varied culture. Take a leisurely stroll along the Thames, shop until you drop along Oxford Street and marvel at the views from the London Eye - whether you're checking out the tourist hot-spots or the lesser known attractions, London is a great Valentine's Day getaway.

If you are looking for somewhere for somewhere to feel the heat, take in exotic surroundings, and flee the norm that comes with this romantic holiday, then Rajasthan in Northern India is a great place to be. Take a tour of the city, enjoy a camel ride over the sand dunes, go on a jeep safari and visit the Taj Mahal just over the border- no matter what you do, Rajasthan is the perfect Valentine's Escape.

Spring is without a doubt the best time to visit the beautiful city of Kyoto Japan, especially for a romantic getaway. Renowned for its rich and traditional culture, refined cuisine, and beautiful ancient sites, Kyoto definitely makes the list!

If you are lucky enough to be in any of these beautiful destinations this Valentine's Day, make it an unforgettable one!

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