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Valentine's Day Without The Price-tag

Posted on February 11, 2014 by Admin

After the Christmas stock has been cleared and the decorations taken down, January is filled with red and pink! The balloons and cute cards flood the stores to remind us all that this romantic holiday is on its way - it's Valentine's Day!

We're constantly reminded that we need to buy, buy, buy for that special someone; they need the perfect card, a big bunch of red roses, the romantic meal out, the weekend away in a fancy hotel and a very special gift that shows them just how much you love them. It's no wonder we end up spending a fortune! Figures are expected to shoot up this year with Brits to spend over £800 million on Valentine's Day- and most of that is just from the blokes.

So how can you celebrate this holiday on a budget? How can you spoil the person you love without breaking the bank?

Here at Great Little Breaks, we have put together some great little ideas on how to celebrate Valentine's Day on a budget; especially with a personal touch.

Minimize rather than maximise- instead of the traditional bunch of red roses, why not give her a single red rose- just as unique and beautiful; show her that she's one in a million.

DIY- you don't have to spend a fortune on a beautiful card for your loved one, you can make it yourself. Not only will it save you some cash (paper and glitter don't cost much and your creativity is priceless), but that special someone is bound to love that you've put so much effort in just for them.

Things of something special- a funny and creative idea is giving your loved one a personal voucher; 'Voucher for one: back massage- redeemable at any time'. Caring, creative, and cost effective.

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be all about splashing the cash to show someone how much you love them, it can be just as meaningful to give a gift that reminds you of a special memory shared together, e.g. a DVD of the first movie date you had, a picture frame with your favourite photo in.

A home-cooked meal is the perfect way to say I love you- especially if you can remember their favourite meal! Dress up at home, eat dinner by candle light, and relax in your own space where you can really spend time on each other.

Spend the night under the stars- this might seem like a cheesy idea (and a cold one), but being in the great outdoors looking up at the sky can be a relaxing and intimate experience for anyone. Wrap up warm and go star-gazing!

Find some freebies- do something different on Valentine's Day. Visit a museum or gallery, or go for a long romantic walk; the best gift is quality time.

Shift your day- most restaurants, hotels and shops will rocket their prices this time of year, so why not take time off a couple of weeks later when the prices have gone down - always a money saver.

No matter what you do with the one you love, the most important thing is to be together. You don't have to spend a fortune to tell them that you love them. Save the Valentine's cash and splash out when you need it (the emergency jewellery to say sorry!)

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