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Our Eurovision Favourites

Posted on May 22, 2015 by Admin

People all over Europe have caught the Eurovision bug and the excitement for the ‘Grand Final’ tomorrow is growing! With all the glitz and glam, the dramatic on-stage performances and mix of ecstatic emotions, it’s hard not to get involved…and we definitely haven’t avoided it.

Our staff have been thinking back over the years and have picked their favourite Eurovision acts – once they had narrowed it down to just one!

Conference Sales Executive, Carla – Abba:

“The song was so catchy and the outfits were very cool – I don’t think they have ever been topped! There’s no one fabba than Abba!”

Who could forget Abba’s rise to fame? The 19th annual Eurovision Song Contest was held in our very own country in the popular seaside town of Brighton and this is where the famous four sang ‘Waterloo’. With those incredibly catchy lyrics and outfits that would change the course of fancy-dress history, the winners from Sweden went on to become one of the most popular acts across the world and are one of the few bands to achieve international ‘superstar’ (or super trouper ) status from Eurovision.

Business Development Executive, Dawn – Johnny Logan:

“I absolutely loved his performance of ‘Hold Me Now’ – I still have the single!”

Johnny Logan has a fantastic three Eurovision wins under his belt! After winning his first contest in 1980 with ‘What’s Another Year’ which went on to top the charts in the UK, Logan went on to win Eurovision in 1987 with the unforgettable ‘Hold Me Now’ and in 1992 as composer of the song ‘Why Me?, performed by Linda Martin. But, let’s face it, who wouldn’t have voted for him? The voice, the suit, the hair…

Facilities Manager, Matt – Loreen:

“It’s got to be Euphoria by Loreen for me – what a tune!”

Loreen rose to public fame in 2004 through Swedish Idol but it wasn’t until 2012 that she took part in the Eurovision Song Contest. During the Swedish semi-final of Melodifestivalen 2012 she was advanced to the final round and won the right to represent Sweden with her song ‘Euphoria’. Loreen went on to win Eurovision and scored a total of 372 points, beating Russia and Serbia to first place, and after one listen, it’s not hard to hear why! This incredible dance anthem went on to rock the European charts and its ‘infectious’ beat inspired hundreds of re-mixes.

Managing Director, Viv – Tanel Pada, Dave Benton & 2XL:

“I was invited to Eurovision in Denmark in 2001 and it was a fantastic weekend! We took bets and I had Estonia and they won. I had such a great time – an unforgettable Eurovision!”

‘Come on everybody!’ – A song that brought so many countries together. The 46th annual song contest made a splash for many reasons – not only was Estonia the first eastern European nation to win the right to host the event, but Dave Benton was the first black person and also the oldest person at the time to win Eurovision. The incredibly memorable song topped the leader board, proving that sometimes the most unlikely contestants can come out on top!

Agency Sales Manager, Bev – Bucks Fizz:

“It’s got to be Bucks Fizz, ‘Making up You Mind’ – they inspired my wardrobe for decades to come!”

This British pop band shot to fame in the 1980s after winning Eurovision in 1981. The 26th contest was held in Dublin and Bucks Fizz beat Germany to first place by 4 points! The band gave a very memorable performance including a funky dance routine. That combined with up-beat lyrics, bright outfits and a colourful performance made this band a British favourite!

Customer Service Support, Chris Rock - Jahn Teigen:

“The most memorable Eurovision for me was ‘Mil Etter Mil’ in 1978 – an interesting performance with very garish red trousers!”

Jahn Teigen may be remembered for the wrong reasons on the Eurovision scene for being the first contestant to not win a single point under the new and current contest point system, but every cloud has a silver lining – the disappointed singer was embraced with open arms by his fellow countrymen and the song went from flop to fame in Norway, dominating the charts for months! Teigen took to the Eurovision stage several times again in the years following, gaining 12th place in 1982 and a very respectable 9th place in 1983. Maybe it was the bright red attire…

Social Media Assistant, Kirsty – Lordi:

“Lordi were the mix of terrifying and amazing! Their music was so different to the usually happy-go-lucky performances!”

Forget the glittery outfits, the bright colours and the pearly white smiles, Lordi gave a gritty, hard-rock performance. With their monster masks and melodic metal, Lordi were the first ever heavy metal band to win the Eurovision song contest. The band went on to achieve massive success and began touring the world in 2002.

Have you got your own Eurovision favourites? Let us know via Twitter or Facebook!

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