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Spring Is here

Posted on March 17, 2014 by Admin

It may still be 3 days away, but it already feels like spring is upon us. The weather is getting better, the BBQs are coming out, and there's even talk of sun burn in March! We're all happy about the improvement in the weather, especially after a long and gruelling winter, and so we're welcoming spring with open arms.

One more reason to celebrate the coming season is the many attractions that open with it. Many sites such as theme parks, heritage attractions, and public gardens are once again opening their doors to the masses, all awaiting the spring crowds. You may have seen our previous post about heritage attractions opening their doors, but we've got a few more for you!

Alton Towers Resort:

This famous resort is a theme park, water park, and hotel complex. The park has all-round family entertainment, from 'CBeebies Land' for the little ones, to the Alton Towers Hotel and Spa for adults- and all the rides for the thrill seekers in the middle.

The site opened in 1860 running flower shows and garden tours until a theme park was built on the site in 1980. Since then the water park has opened as well as two hotels. Its major attractions include Oblivion, Nemesis, Air, and more recently, TH13TEEN and The Smiler. The park holds several events throughout the year, such as fireworks nights, 'scares fests', and Christmas events.

The Park re-opens this year on March 22nd, only 2 days after the official start of spring- what a way to kick off the season.

Cadbury World:

A well-known family favourite, Cadbury World has pleased the taste-buds for over 20 years. This Bourneville based chocolate factory is a one way self guided tour that gives visitors an insight into how chocolate is made, packaged, what ingredients are used, how they are sourced, the family history, and of course?gives you a taster! The Factory shop also provides visitors with a wide range of goods to choose from at discounted prices.

The factory was re-opened in late January, and has various opening and closing times throughout the year.

Chester Zoo:

After opening in 1931 by George Mottershead and his family, the park has grown in size and popularity, and now stands as one of the UK's largest zoos at over 100 acres, and an overall total of 400 acres of land.

The zoo currently hosts around 11,000 animals of over 400 different species, and many of those are on the threatened list. Chester Zoo is one of the world's leading centres for conservation, working in the UK and worldwide to help protect animals and plants from extinction.

The zoo is the most visited wildlife attraction in Britain, with more than 1 million visitors per year. Chester Zoo is open every day of the year (with the exception of Christmas and Boxing Day).

Drayton Manor Theme Park:

The second theme park on our list is Drayton Manor. Set in the grounds of the former Drayton Manor House, the site includes the theme park itself, a zoo, an on-site hotel, and various different attractions.

The park covers 280 acres of land, and hosts over 1.5 million people per year. The most famous of the Drayton Manor attractions include rides 'Shockwave', 'Apocalypse', and 'G-force'. The park officially re-opens to the public for spring on the 29th March.

West Midlands Safari Park:

Located in Bewdley, Worcestershire, this Safari and Leisure Park is home to over 150 species of exotic animals. The 4 mile park contains around 600 animals from Europe, North America, and Asia. The park is home to the only pride of white lions in the UK, and is branded 'Home of the White Lions'.

The safari park was opened in spring 1973, and has since grown in popularity. The park also includes a large amusement park and a discovery trail including reptile and insect houses. As well as having the largest white lion pride, West Midlands Safari Park also contains the largest coalition of cheetah, the largest streak of white tigers, and the largest lemur walk-through exhibit in the UK.

West Midlands Safari Park has been open since mid-February, and is open daily until the 7th November.

Spring is on its way! All of these attractions will be open for spring and all the details are available on their websites.

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