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Be Prepared: Beach Day Essentials

Posted on June 10, 2014 by Admin


There's nothing worse than the feeling you get when you realise you've left something behind, picked up the wrong item, or forgotten something altogether! And especially when travelling, it is more important than ever to be prepared.

Summer is almost upon us (despite the rain) and soon crowds will be flocking to beaches all around the UK to soak up the summer sun we have been promised. The forecast looks good, so grab your flip flops, don the swim wear, and head for the sands. But don't forget those important essentials!

Sunglasses- this might seem like an obvious one, but you will certainly regret not taking these. It can be nice to soak up the sun but your eyes can only take so much, especially with the reflection from the sea and the bright glare on white sandy beaches. Plus they're quite important for cheeky beach naps...and spying on people!

Towel- although the sun is sure to dry you out, you'll need something to lounge around on, and to dry you off at the end of the day.

Kaftan or cover up- when you're in and out of the sea, especially if it's a windy day, it's always a good idea to have something light and loose to throw on to relax and warm up for a few minutes. It's too much bother to get dressed each time, plus it gives you the additional protection from the sun.

Beach bag- sometimes it's very easy to forget how much you need to take to the beach- the sun tan lotion, the swim wear, a book, sunglasses, towels, flip flops, drinks, food: the list goes on and on. Make sure you have a big enough bag to fit everything you need

Sealable plastic bags- it's a sensible idea to have a few re-sealable, waterproof (and sand-proof) plastic bags handy just in case. You don't want your electronics to get wet or to be covered in sand, and bigger plastic bags are good for carrying wet clothes home in.

Hat- it's easy to forget your head when it comes to sun protection. You might be sun-burn free on the rest of your body, but a bright red head can really sting. Make sure you carry a hat to put on when you?re sat in full sunshine for long periods of time.

Flip flops or sandals- as many of you will know, sand gets everywhere and, when it's in your shoes, it can be more annoying than ever. It's a good idea to take a pair of light flip flops or sandals to change into when going onto a sandy beach to stop your regular trainers or boots from getting filled with sand.

Sun cream/sun-tan-lotion- a very obvious one but again, another easy one to forget. When you're spending long periods of time in the bright sunshine without shade, and jumping in and out of the sea, it's so important to layer up with sun tan lotion to protect your skin.

Swim wear- you don't want to get to the beach and have to sit on the side lines all day so don't forget to pack your swimming shorts or bikini- it's not a complete day out at the beach without at least a quick dip in the sea.

A few coins- you probably don't want to take your wallet or purse to the beach due to the lack of security, but it's not a bad idea to still take a few coins for if you run out of drinks, feel a bit peckish, or are in desperate need of an ice-cream!

Camera- there are so many beautiful beach sites and scenes (and some hilarious ones too) that it's a shame to not take a camera. Don't forget to take a camera to capture those moments you want to remember forever.

A small medical kit- you never know what will happen, who will run into who or what you will end up tripping over; so it's always a good idea to keep a small medical kit nearby. Lifeguards will of course have a full first aid kit, but for those smaller incidents, plasters, anti-bacterial wipes, and painkillers should certainly do the trick.

Portable beach games- paddling in the sea, building impressive sand castles, and sleeping in the sun can only take up so much time, and a day at the beach is a whole day after all. Make sure you grab a few extra items such as a Frisbee, a football, or a couple bats and a ball to stay entertained.

Bucket and spade- no matter of your age, building sand castles will never grow old. Whether you're building a small sand fortress, fashioning an impressive sand sculpture, or even picking up shells, a bucket and spade are always a good idea.

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