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Great Road Trip Apps

Posted on September 06, 2016 by Sabina

Take a look at the best road trip apps, that won't add any cost to your road trip. From the best music apps to the the best places to stop off for a coffee. Taking a road trip has never been easier.

Along The Way

This is the perfect guide for planning day trips in unfamiliar territory. Find parks, bars, shops, and landmarks along your route without worrying about detours and excessive aimless wandering. (Though, if you ask us, wandering on the aforementioned route sounds perfect).


Songza allows you to search for music based on genre, artist, mood, activity, or decade. The playlists are insanely specific — think “driving in the left lane” and “shopping at a vintage store” — so whether you’re on the road to reunite with an old flame, start a new life chapter, or kick off the vacation of a lifetime, your soundtrack will be right here.


Looking for a navigation app that offers multiple routes, real-time traffic updates, notifications about speed traps, and the ability to compare gas prices? Well, here ya go. Waze is community-based, which means it’s updated by drivers just like you, getting real about what’s happening on the road. And it’s available for iPhone, Android, or Windows phones. It also won the 2013 Webby award for the “Best Connected Product.” But, it’s really about those speed-trap notifications. Thanks, other drivers!


An obvious choice, but not for the reasons you may think. In addition to its seemingly limitless music selection and “subscribe to playlist” feature for friends, Spotify’s offline streaming function means that endless access to thousands of albums and artists is available regardless of your location or data situation.

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