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Top iPhone Photography Tips

Posted on July 27, 2016 by Luke Harrison

Top 5 iPhone Photography tips

Have you ever wondered if there is a way to take even better photos, to create even better memories of your Great Little Break – just from your iPhone? Look no further; we have collected the best tips, tricks and insider knowledge for you to take better pictures this summer with your iPhone.

1.Wipe Your Lens

It seems obvious – but taking just a second to wipe the trials of life in your pocket from your phone’s lens makes an astounding difference to your photography. Lighting is instantly improved, colours appear more vibrant and a sharper image is achieved.

2.Turn on the Grid

The grid feature on iPhone (turn on in settings, photo and camera, grid) is a surprisingly powerful tool to improve your photography. A 3x3 grid appears as an overlay for your camera when taking pictures. Using the grid is an effective way to ensure you stick to the rule of thirds – simply place the main subjects of your photos on the intersections of the grid lines. This is a fundamental rule of photography that, when used, will improve your pictures immensely.

3.Turn off your flash

Although the flash on more recent iPhones has been improved somewhat, it still remains sub-standard. Mostly, keeping the flash on will just add a strange blue-ish hue to your photos – not good! So, unless you are capturing a late night beach side walk, turn that flash off. You can do this by tapping the small lightning bolt in the top left of your camera.

4.Turn on HDR auto

HDR auto is an incredibly simple tool with a deceptively brilliant effect on your photography. HDR stands for high dynamic range, or the ratio of light to dark in your photos. How it works is three photos taken at different exposures are merged automatically by your phone in order t create an image that is closer to what your eye sees. Especially useful for landscape scenes, or portraits in harsh sunlight, be sure to turn on auto HDR. Avoid however using HDR with action photos – you are more likely to end up with a blurry shot.

5.Download editing software

Nowadays there are many amazing suites of photo editing software available directly on your phone, more often than not for free. VSCO is free on the App Store and comes with a variety of tools to improve your photos. Most notably the filters are an impressive part of the app, emulating classic and modern analog films. Alternatively, Enlight also provides an extensive collection of more advanced editing tools for £1.99 on the App Store. Mextures is available for £0.99 on the App store and allows you to add textures to your photos.

Hopefully this blog will prove very useful as you embark on a Great Little Break of your own. Happy Snapping!

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