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Top Ten Travel Tips

Posted on April 25, 2014 by Admin

If you're one of our faithful Facebook followers (or a general Great Little Breaks socialite) then you'll have seen our weekly travel tips and if not - well, you'll find out now.

As an online travel agent, many of us here at Great Little Breaks have gathered some great little hints to share with you. As a well travelled bunch, we thought our tips would be worth sharing, so we've put together a list!

Travel can be a wonderful experience, but it can also be quite stressful, so it's always great to have a helping hand. Whether its tips on where to look for reviews, finding info on the area you're travelling to, or finding the best places to eat, here at GLB we've thought of them all.

Debbie- Customer Service Agent:

"A good tip for families with small children and babies- use night flights, the little ones are more likely to sleep and a less stressed mum makes for less stressed kids!"

Adam- Ecommerce Executive:

"It's always a good idea to take a Google map tour of your hotel to familiarise yourself with immediate surroundings, and use apps like trip advisor to find things to do in the area."

Sioned- Customer Service Agent:

"When looking at hotel reviews, take them (bad ones) with a pinch of salt - they aren't always an accurate representation of the hotel."

Claire- Account Manager:

"Make sure you split your family's clothes between your suitcases, then if any of your luggage goes missing at least you all have something to wear! Speaking from personal experience!"

Emily-Customer Service Agent:

"Ask locals where is good to eat or drink instead of looking in a guide book, that way you are guaranteed the best food and the most authentic experience!"

Matt- IT Manager:

"If like me you get frustrated at not having nearly enough of those little milk cartons, and you're staying for a few days, make sure that you hide any leftover ones before your room is serviced each day. That way you're left with a completely new supply PLUS the ones you've hidden!"

Victoria- Customer Service Agent:

"Get Insurance - this is mainly for health costs if you get ill or injured while abroad. Hospital costs can quickly get into the tens of thousands of dollars, even for a minor injury. Insurance is worth it."

Nick- Finance Director:

"To stop clothes from creasing in a case, put them inside plastic bags- bags from clothes that come back from the dry cleaners are ideal!"

Emma- Customer Service Agent:

"I always pack my make-up, hair dryer and straighteners in my hand luggage; if my luggage goes missing at least I can still look my best!"

Kirsty- Social Media Assitant:

"Take a photocopy of your passport and place in your hold-all luggage in case you lose your main one!"

Fancy knowing more of our top travel tips? Head over to our Facebook page- travel tips posted every #TravelTuesday!

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