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Travel Quiz

Posted on December 06, 2014 by Admin

Here at Great Little Breaks we want to know more about you and why you travel, so we have put together our first quiz with a range of questions.

What's your idea of a relaxing weekend?

An escape to the spa

Heading away with a couple of friends

Lounging in your room for a couple of days

When is your favourite time of year to take a break?

Several times throughout the year

Spring or Summer- you like the warmth

Any time of year

What would you pack for a couples break?

A range of choices- it's best to be prepared

A couple of outfit changes, nothing too fancy

One outfit will work for everything

Which would best describe you?

A luxury hunter

A general sightseer

An anything goes traveller

Do you like to travel by yourself?

You like to travel with your family or partner

You like to travel with a group of friends

You like to enjoy time to yourself

Do you like to plan and see attractions on your break?

You enjoy going to one main attraction

You pack your break with exciting adventures

You will see what you fancy when you get there

What do you look for in a quality hotel?

Comfortable beds- a good nights' sleep is essential

Rural setting- the whole point to get away is to really get away

You're not too picky about where you stay

Thanks for taking our quiz- we hope you enjoyed it! Check below to see what you got!

Mostly A:

You like to plan out your break and make the most of it. You do enjoy the luxury of a break and want a good hotel to rest your head. Although you can relax when you get there, making sure you know what you're doing is pretty important.

Mostly B:

You're pretty relaxed about where you go and can swap and change your plans on short notice. Although you plan what you fancy, you are open to changes. You like to travel a lot at your leisure.

Mostly C:

You're a relaxed traveller, and most places will suit. As long as you enjoy it and get a good nights' sleep, then you're easy going. You see what you fancy and take things as they come, and you grab a good deal when you see it.

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