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Travel Safely

Posted on June 18, 2014 by Admin

Over the last few years it has become a lot more affordable to travel abroad, and a lot more people are packing their bags and heading to exotic lands for a week in the sun. More and more sunshine resorts have sprung up all over the world, and many travel agents are lowering their prices to compete with each other.

As more and more people, surely the amount of travel insurance being purchased is rising right? Wrong. The number of people going on holiday abroad without health insurance cards, cover for lost items, and general insurance for overseas travel.

So, why is travel insurance so important? Many people travel without it because they think it's an unnecessary cost, but wouldn't you prefer to feel safe than sorry?

There are many things that could go wrong on a holiday, even before you've left the country. If your flight is cancelled (and you just thought there was no point in forking out the extra bit of cash to make your holiday refundable or amendable), then you'll be in a big rush to do whatever you can to catch another flight. In the nightmare-ish situation of missing that crucial plane, then you could be in with a massive bill, and a lack of holiday memories. And guess what - most travel insurance policies cover this.

Another situation everyone wants to avoid (pretty much at all times but especially before a big holiday) is getting ill. Most people will still jump on the plane if they have a slight cold, but what about something more serious? Again, if you miss that holiday, you'll still have to pay that unavoidable bill. So there's another reason to take out travel insurance.

A lot of people forget how much medical care costs, especially in the UK with our National Healthcare Service. A lot of foreign countries don't have this. Most people think that the likeliness of any accidents happening is very slim, and that can be true depending on where you are going, but sometimes even tripping over can result in a serious injury. Not only will health insurance save you a lot of money, but it will make sure that a small injury doesn't completely ruin your holiday.

You might think that this is very unlikely, but what would you do if you're cruise-line or airline goes bankrupt? Suddenly you can't go on your holiday and you've lost your money. Certain types of travel insurance ensure that you can get your money back in this situation. You're non-refundable costs will be covered and you'll most likely be able to re-book.

There are several different types of insurance that you can take out for the situations above, and many more. For example, health care insurance- this covers you for general medical care whilst overseas, baggage insurance- generally covers you for lost or stolen luggage, and cancellation insurance- in the event that you cannot make your trip or have to cancel, then you won't be left with huge bills to pay.

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