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Travelling With Pets

Posted on November 29, 2014 by Admin

We are a nation of dog lovers in the UK, and more people are keen to travel with their pets. Although camping with man's best friend is a crowd favourite, taking your dog to a hotel can be easier than you think.

We have already shared with you our best pet-friendly hotels, and there is a whole host of choices when it comes to locations and hotel types which you can choose from. Now here's the hard part- travelling.

As most dog-lovers will know, a lot of animals are not too pleased with being put in cars or vans and, dogs especially, can kick up a fuss when it comes to travelling. Although this obviously does not affect all people and their pets, we wanted to gather some tips to make it easier for those who know exactly what we're talking about.

Walks along the way- it is very important to make sure that both you and pooch have time to stretch your legs at various points during the drive, especially if you?re on a long journey. Many areas of service stations have dog-friendly areas or walking paths nearby just for that purpose.

Strap them in- dog harnesses may take a while to get used to, but they're definitely worth it. It can be extremely frustrating when your furry friend is running around in the back seat and you're trying hard to concentrate. Dog harnesses allow movement and freedom to sit or lie down, but also mean they will stay in one seat.

Give them their own space- many pet owners allow their animals to use the boot when travelling, and this can save you from having to sort them out every 5 minutes. A great way to help them settle down in the back is to take a few familiar items to help calm them down- they will often feel a lot more comfortable in the car with their bed and toys around.

Treats will go a long way- if your pet takes a long time to get comfortable, try using treats or snacks you know they will enjoy to make the ride easier.

Let them explore- when you arrive at your destination, it will be a whole host of new sights and sounds for your pet. Let them explore a little before going into your hotel. Your pooch will be a lot more comfortable when they have a better idea of where they are. A short walk around the hotel grounds, or around the surrounding area will help your dog become familiar with where they are.

For more information about pet friendly hotels, call our dedicated customer service team on 01905 792801.

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